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Sailor Cosmos Wallpaper
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Naoko Takeuchi initially wrote Codename: Sailor V, a one-shot manga which focused on Sailor Venus. When Sailor V was proposed for an anime adaptation by Toei Animation, Takeuchi changed the concept to include Sailor Venus as a part of a "sentai" (team of five) and created the characters of Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. The name "Sailor Soldier" comes from sailor fuku, a type of Japanese school uniform, and the Japanese word senshi, which can mean "soldier", "warrior", "guardian", or "fighter". Takeuchi named the term by fusing English and Japanese elements. The DIC Entertainment/Cloverway English adaptation of the anime changed it to "Sailor Scout" for most of its run. According to Takeuchi, only females can be Sailor Soldiers, although the series features at least one male character with a Sailor Crystal (Tuxedo Mask). In the anime's fifth season, the Sailor Starlights are depicted as men transforming into women when changing from their civilian forms into Sailor Soldiers (rather than just being women merely disguising as men as they appear in the manga), which strongly displeased Takeuchi as she felt this undermined her rule that only girls could be Sailor Soldiers. [4]

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